Sunday, January 30, 2011

baby on the way...

Hi baby!

Look at you! You are simply that wonderful.  Your Dad and I were a bit surprised to see you this big already. I was expecting to see a sac, maybe just a little dark spot to tell I really conceived because I wasn't expecting...I mean I can't believe it myself. I was telling your Grandma that I'm having, perhaps, a 3-week old little baby inside my tummy. but hey! It seems you're with me for 10 weeks and a day already.

That tiny little thing? The Doctor said it was your heart beating. It almost melt me. I am so happy to see you moving and your heart beating that fast. I bet your Dad felt the same although he was literally speechless. Yes he was!
Posted this on my blog to tell everyone about you:
Definitely I am! 26 more weeks to go, I can't wait to feel my little one around my arms. All the aches, pains and the feeling of being sick is nothing. In no doubt, my excitement overpowers my fear.

I almost forgot the day I told myself that I'll never conceive, no! I don't want any creepy creatures growing inside.

But hey! the feeling is overwhelming the very moment I knew that there is indeed a little one  struggling to survive inside my womb. 
I promise you to be here for you always.  
I  am so excited to mother a child, and of course, a little scared as a first time mom-to-be.

Painful contractions and lower back pain actually prompted us to see a doctor today. Instead of going to the office, you father and I headed to the nearest clinic. An ultrasound report revealed something not so good. There was a minimal Subchorionic Hemorrhage that threatens all of us. I have to undergo 10 days of medication for this :(

But then baby, I believe you are strong like your mom and dad. We are all praying for you. Please be strong for us. You mean a lot to us.

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