Monday, February 28, 2011

Three months

With my bestfriend Ellyn, soon to be your Ninang Ellyn.
having fun...

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Chocolate cake

 Since there's a new bakeshop in town!
Bonding with your Tita Joan and Tita Ti-an... we all craved for a yummy chocolate cake

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome Home

Welcome to Aklan Baby
People here hardly believe your inside my tummy. Most of them would rather say I gained weight. They should guess it is not all fat :) They will in time. I rather find it funny that every time I tell them about you they would just laugh and say "you're a joke". 

Quite disappointing too! Because I am so proud of having you yet no one tries to believe. Only a few of them actually, only those who've seen the ultrasound report. Yap! I needed to show proof for them to believe.
Your cousins and I had an afternoon walk down the beach. It should be really "just a walk" but there they are, they all jumped in. They always do that, who can resist swimming anyway. I totally understand, I've been a kid like them.  

Someday you will join them. I can imagine you running with them so soon. I can imagine myself running after you. I'm so excited.

I bet you will love to hang-out at the beach too like your mom. This is one of my favorite place to hang out at. I usually spend my afternoons here when I'm here at Aklan. I simply love the breeze and the waves, it relaxes me. Someday! we should hang out together.

Sadly, we are no longer with your Dad. He can't be with us as much as he wanted to. We are going to stay here until quite some time. He has to work but he is going to fetch us by November, that time you would be three months old. The initial plan was to stay at your grandparent’s place, but i then preferred to be home. I guess it will be more comfortable for the both of us to stay here. Your Dad will soon be out of the country to work so I think staying at their place would not be necessary.

He was actually hesitant for letting us stay here, and I felt bad about that. I wanted him to see you when he gets home but then, weighing things out... I know it will be much better to stay here. He will come to us the soonest he can, Dad will surely do everything for you.

We will see him soon :) Just be strong baby. Your mommy and your Daddy are looking forward to be with you. We both love you so much...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thank You Lord

12 weeks AOG
We are thankful that the bleeding was finally resolved after days of medication. The first ultrasound report revealed a minimal c. I am happy  my baby is doing good.

My dear baby.
Baby, you know you weren't planned but still you are not an accident nor a mistake. You are the best surprise we ever got. We want you to grow and live because we love you.

When the doctor said we might loss you if we take you for granted, I was so scared. I've been praying all these days that you'll be fine. I am so glad you did. Please just be strong, we are doing just the same.

I love you. We love you so much.
getting ready for the check up :)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Out from work... for good

Hi baby!
Mommy is resigning from her work today. Too bad. The administration said it is not a good example to have someone like me-- someone who knows nothing about moral obligations. I should have fought for my right but I rather not stress myself. Besides, the working environment is already a stress, I don't want this "conflict of moral obligation" to add more to it. Your Dad and I had made our decision, there will be no wedding bells first but that doesn't mean we don't love you. We are actually doing this for your own good. Later you will understand. We're planning to get married but not so soon. Rest assured, baby we will be there for you no matter what it takes us.

I hope you know this is not easy. It's not because I love my work but I needed the work so I can provide for your needs too. But I love you more baby, I have to leave my work.  Daddy can't be the only one working for us. I'm sorry baby...I hope I can figure things out for the three of. 

Don't worry baby, you should know how happy we are for having you right now despite we feel a little worried and sad. You will never be blamed, we will never regret for having you
Starting today, there will be no more dirty white worn-out shoes. Its not that I’m going to buy a new one just exactly planned but simply because there is no need for me to wear those anymore. But let’s not talk about those old shoes I left on a shoe rock three days ago. Maybe it wasn’t there anymore, maybe the housekeeper already have trashed them.  So let’s just forget those 6-month old shoes I wore, that was the cheapest of all that I got but it protected me from the slippery floor.  On that afternoon, I felt my shoes for the last time, feeling so sorry that I can never wear them anymore. It may not feel right, but it should be soon. 
Today, as I walk my way to that company to hand them my resignation letter, I wast thinking of the people who undeniably been good enough for me, the strict management who disciplined me in any way, more of those smile from people I speak and mingle with from time to time between serious office hours—I’ll miss them as I am missing my old shoes. Despite those mindless days, yes, I am somehow missing them. 
But the feeling weakens each time I think of the real reason why I have to feel this missing-thing. This is actually all about “moral obligation” I needed to render to be accepted by them. An obligation that is, should have good reason and should be in right time. And to clear this out, time I mentioned will not be based just on their judgment and reason will not just because it should be according to today’s norm.

So I decided not to be morally obliged because I have enough reason not to and because it’s not time yet.  

My assurance though, someday I will because I know my obligations. Will come to that the soonest we could. Time and reason will help us.