Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Summer is hotter with Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion, Shick, & Nuffnang"

My ideal “Nuffnang summer” is to spend a week kissing the sun; that I wake up every morning excitedly because we are having a sunbath by the beach, and in the afternoon just before the sun set we will have a lazy walk down the shore.

This is what I'm believing: 

Summer is not just about being sun at its highest, its not actually about the time to clean the filter of our air conditioner unit for it to function fully, and most of all its not about a blushing cheeks because it is way too ho. Summer means kissing the sun and going places. There is a breezy-windy warm life beyond an air-conditioned room.

When sun is at its highest that is when the fun peaks!


Let not the sun stop us from making fun!

Making good memories under the sun calls more a maximum skin protection. “Banana Boat Sunscreen Lotion. We’ve got you covered” can be of great help. We may enjoy summer even without this kind of products, but summer can be a well spent summer when after the fun we don't worry over sun burnt skin. 

In addition, we can't spoil our own summer adventure just because we forgot to shave the night before our activities, too much excitement can make us forget. Years ago during one of our summer  vacations my friend tend to shout "whoever fails to raise their hands forgot to shave" and we all burst out with laughter! It was funny but this kind of summer disaster is too common. "Schick. Free your skin." and free you from worries as well:)

Love summer! Make it cool! 

And again, my ideal Nuffnung Summer is exactly like this one, only this time I want it to spend with my own family.  
Random summer fun pics

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  1. hi mommy tim! thanks for dropping by my blog! i was thingking of joining nuffnangs blogpost contest using banana boat. but i thought u need to have that sunscreen lotion in the pics. guess not. lol! thanks again!

    1. I don't think we have to post our own picture of a sunscreen lotion and schick products :D I'm not sure actually.
      Thanks for the visit... your daughter is lovely

  2. Have a very fun summer sweet Ivy!

  3. that's my idea of summer too - sunscreen and smooth legs plus beach! ;)

    ps.: i looked but i can't find your Happiness Is share for this week, so i thought i'd just leave a comment here :) thanks for linking up, and i hope to see you there again for another round of happy posts :)

    1. I'm sorry I entered my Blog URL instead of submitting that of my happiness blogpost:)
      thanks for the visit.
      I enjoyed bloghopping with happiness:)