Monday, March 05, 2012

@ Seven Months

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For her Seventh Month and a day :)

  • From being a Ms. Personality to Ms. Performer! *grin* She roll and she crawl and she roll again and she crawl again
  • struggles to get objecting that is out of reach--she crawl and extends her arms 
  • started sitting from lying
  • can pull herself up when holding on to something
  • support her weight on her legs, still prefers in upright than sitting
  • shows eagerness to walk!
  • uses her feet to play with toys as well
  • Babbling includes: babababa...aba-aba-aba!! da-da-da 
  • added hide-and-seek (likes being covered with a blanket) to peek-a-boo
  • Stranger-anxiety increases
  • cries whenever someone leaves the room
  • burst into tears/screams BIG TIME when scolded
  • Remote controls and cellphones became her favorite toys while toys intended for her is thrown away. Absolutely very good at throwing away her toys!
Ivy crying after she threw away all the teethers and realizes the bowl is empty
  • Another tooth is sporting to erupt! so we are back to drooling and trouble sleeps
  • good at retrieving hidden objects under a pillow or blanket
  • expresses like and dislikes, may it be an object or a person--turns away from people she doesn't want. Screaming and crying also been her way to tell she don't want the person entertaining her.
  • raises her hands when she wanted to be picked up
  • scratches her eyes and pull hairs whenever irritated
  • pays attention to alphabet flashcards and phonic slideshows
  • Shows interests to numbers and alphabets by smiling and listening attentively. 
  • can feed herself with a cracker :)
  • aside from feeding, before-bedtime-routine, playing; daily activities include watching Mickey Mouse, playing back phonic alphabet slideshow, showing flashcard, and reading stories any time of the day.
an attempt to take a solo picture and she ended up like a wild kitty :D
Ninang Aicee and Tita Karen
Day OVER! 

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