Monday, February 13, 2012

Six Months, One Week, Two Days Old

  • Has one tiny little tooth! 
  • is no longer constipated *relieved* consumed more cereals, and added biscuits to her diet
  • drools more than the usual:) more bibs!!!
  • loves being pampered--massage! clean ear with cotton buds! bath time!
  • learned to drag toys/pillows/other objects towards herself or pushes them away from her
  • enjoys playing her own feet, put it on her mouth!
  • started to move things from one hand to another, yes! hand movements are fully developed
  • enjoy throwing toys as well, able to lean over to look for fallen toys and tries her best to pick them up--picking them by raking her fingers sometimes:)
  • plays by herself and chooses what toy to play with. Nowadays she is fascinated to play with remote control!
  • has a tendency to stare at toys for a longer period before playing with them, staring them up and down..
  • can sit unsupported for 30 sec or less but  still slumps to the side--enjoy being held upright. if she sits, she tries to support herself with her both hands like of a tripod
  • but she sits on her chair/stroller when fed
  • Rolls around toward one side to the other... Tries to move by propelling herself on stomach with legs and steering with arms
  • when on tummy she can hold herself up on his arms... sometimes tries to move forward by sliding on her tummy..perhaps preparing herself to crawl
  • can grasp pacifier and manipulate it
  • Shows a range of emotions and temper
  • Smiles, Giggles and laughs BIGTIME
  • says dada..aba aba...mamama..
  • Turns head when her own name, IVY! is heard
  • cries if somebody she knows leave the room
  • has signs of fears with strangers!
  • favorite fun time: peek-a-boo
  • still a good night sleeper, and is more active during daytime with a total of, perhaps, 30 minutes nap time
  • and...learning more one day at time:)

Tama na kaya muna?
Balahibo na lang daw ang natitira sa pakpak ko?
Iiyak ako?
Tapos tatawa
Tapos kakain
Tapos iinom ako ng tubig
Tapos makikipagharutan na
Kaya ko na ang bote ko!
Pag ako tumahimik, tyak may ginagawa ako!
Kelangan terno kami ni Dora diba?
Mama ko
Ang sweet naman talaga ni dora
Picture muna tayo
Ayaw matulog ni Dora
ayoko na din muna!

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