Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines day:)

Happy valentines day my pretty Ivy... Today is not just your first valentines day but it is actually our (mama and Daddy's) First Special Valentines'! And guess what!Today is special because God gave you us--A very special Gift that will last a lifetime...

That;s true...You will always a gift to us! You've been a blessing since the day you were born, You're the greatest gift Dad received for his birthday; during mine even, you then became the best Christmas gift we ever had... and now you became a Valentine's present for us still from God...perhaps, to make us even more stronger.

We'll never trade a precious gift like you to any thing less... and there will never be any lesser...
this Valentine' Day, staying at home did not make this holiday less valued... a hug, a kiss, a smile from my baby is more than enough...We love you so much Ivy!

And Happy hearts day everyone! Stay in love:)

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