Friday, February 03, 2012

Pinky bumps courtesy of Bedbugs!

early morning sunshine here we come! we're early today just to catch you ;)

Hey! By the way, there was a Bedbug party held last night! i bet everyone who attended had a great time.

And I am upset I wasn't there… who would like to invite a party spoiler anyway? *grrr* undoubtedly, they had a superb bloody feast.  Their main course? My baby… 
how about that 3 bites in a row? do you think they had a good breakfast, lunch, and dinner all at once during the party?
they’re too good to bite without having to disturb Ivy’s sleep. those bugs are simply excellent to leave behind lines of pink bumps in Ivy’s body? What a marvelous infestation! Good art bugs!but  don't ever dare to get near her again!
bites made a couple of weeks ago leave a post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
still, bug bites won't stop our day:)

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