Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A threat to replace bottle covers, disappointed

Disclaimer: The author did not receive any compensation or cash payment in writing this post; the author does not mean to persuade readers and has no intention to promote either. This is an honest opinion.
We been using New Pigeon nursing bottle with peristaltic nipple for almost two months already. My mother introduced the brand to us by providing us five bottles as a christening/Christmas present for Ivy.

overwhelmed with the good qualities, (I can tell because upon using pigeon bottle I noticed that milk don't leak, she feeds to sleep because of effortless sucking, and she no longer chokes) we decided to buy some more to replace the old bottles we had.

Actually true to what they're claiming
  •  it has an Air Ventilation System to control the flow of air, has the ability to adjust the pressure inside the bottle, and also reduces the air into the bottle while the baby is sucking.
  • The teat is extremely flexible, made from a high quality silicone that is soft and thick, round contoured shape that supports to baby's mouth for perfect latch
  • it comes with various nipple sizes. In our case we have chosen "Y' Variable Flow (leak proof) for 2-3 months+ which is designed to let milk flow only when the baby presses it in her mouth. Ivy's old bottle's leak whenever tilted thus she was prone to choking

We provided more of the same brand  in the hope we can use them for a longer period. We sterilize bottles every after use thus we needed something that could withstand repeated heating.

We only thought of changing the nipple later but haven't considered that plastic cover may not withstand heat! In less than two months, all the bottle covers are starting to crack and I'm afraid I can no longer use them in few more weeks. We should have consider buying bottles we could replace not only the nipple but the cover as well. I don't know, haven't check its availability yet.

*above post is based on personal point of view and a personal review*

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