Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Busy Day

Dad promised us that we'll be celebrating today...just for the sake of celebrating. But he has to go to Manila  first...
now...While Dad waiting for him...
After bath:) I tried to comb Ivy's hair :) Tadaaah!!! 
entertained her with books/playback flashcard slideshow/and showed her flashcard alphabet over and over again
Allowed her to play under the chair... she is beginning to invade the whole room!!! This calls for childproofing! 
tried from play and fun time Ivy went to sleep then, allowing me to go online to update our facebook.. too excited to post the above picture to show our relatives she now plays.
when she woke up after an hour we went downstairs to watch tv...She was such a good girl, we were just there sitting while she babbles as if she wanted to say something.
then she went back to sleep again...and because she had plenty of sleep she woke up with a gummy grin...
we played once more...
and played
and as dad promised us: Baby's day out again!!!
Today marks her first time to use a high chair :) we had our merienda at jollibee. and guess what? I forgot to bring the number one item on the Must-bring List :(

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