Monday, February 20, 2012

Time to read!

Apart from the free Stimulation Cards (haven't printed any of them yet) and flashcard slide shows (Powerpoint files I'm trying to show Ivy whenever she wanted to make the keyboard of my laptop her own drum set!) I downloaded from, we provided her some learning devices that could hopefully awaken her interest to read and learn academically (*crossfingers*)
  • The chart  of Alphabet, Number, Color, and Shape which we intentionally bought from the nearby bookstore so we have something to post on our wall and so she has something to look at

Ivy seems to be attracted with the bright colors and loves to go near to touch each them.

  • She also got an English Alphabet flashcard (also includes cards of colors and shape) with colorful illustrations although her eye structures haven't matured yet ( I'm not really sure). Nonetheless, Ivy seems to be interested and hopefully can be a help.
  • Yesterday I bought her a hardbound book of Numbers so she can hold and play with it. The book is supposedly for children ages 3 and beyond--with that, I got the book for her to play only until she turned three! :) the problem is that it goes directly into her mouth... She must have mistaken the images for food :) Looks yummy, huh!

I'm setting no rules and I'm not in the mission to prepare a genius. I just wanted our bonding time to be this way Although I am honestly hoping that this kind could make her more interested to read and learn.

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