Saturday, July 23, 2011

Finding your roots

Hi baby!
Today's activity is to introduce you to your relatives. I'm glad I had this project done before your arrival, I'll be so busy by then so chances of tracking and listing down your relatives is way too far.  My reason in doing this is not just for you to know why you'll be looking the way you'll do but primarily for you to appreciate the importance of our family. They're the people who will be helping you in any ways. I recently realized how important it is to stay close with the people like them. You'll understand better when you know them in person.  So keep in touch with them always, as much as you can.

But for all I know, you will only appreciate this family tress when you get older, maybe two decades from now! yay!

What I really did  here was just an overview. Perhaps I could update this if time and chance would allow me. It is quite difficult to gather information. I only even got some data from their facebook account in which I am not sure of if it is factual.

Your own family tree. You're still on a "question mark" since, again, we are not yet sure of your gender :)
Close family of you father showing your grandparents (Lolo Boy and Lola Vic) and your two uncle (Tito Pj and Tito Ken). As you can see, you will be the first grandchild of the family that's why their eagerness.  This also mean one thing... that you should do good in your life because you are going to be a role model of your future cousins. Pressure not yourself though, Your Mom and dad is here to guide.
Here's the chart of my own family. Your grandparents (Lola delfa and Lolo Paquit) on the topmost. While you'll be the newest yet will be the eldest grandchild on your father side, you are going to be the youngest here in this family. Isn't that good? I find it good. On the second line are your Titas and Titos, My older sister (Tita Ti-ann who is married to Tito Lab) and my older brother, Tito Ian (is Married to Tita Joan).  Your first cousins are on the third line, where you belong--Kuya Kyrk, Kuya Biboy, and Kuya Judiel.
 Don't freak out yet! I also wish I could upload a higher resolution of Bautista Clan Chart but for now, I'm keeping a pdf file and later I will try my best to own a hard copy of this.

Anyway, I can't promise you but I will also try to track down your cousins from Miranda, Reyes, and EspaƱola lineage. For now, I can only present the Bautista Family. They're the people I grow up with.

The members of Bautista Family. It continues to grow. You will be the newest member :) I made a four-generation chart here. The least that I can do right now.  Don't worry, will chop the details for presentation's sake :)
Meet your great grandparents and your grandparents. Unfortunately your only grandfather from Bautista Family passed away when I was young. You'll meet all your Lolas in no time, they're all perfectly good.
Again this us, this is where we belong.
Your lola Elnor, Lolo Mado, Tita Dory, Tito Jeff, Ate Aj, Kuya Ivan and Kuya Angel
Your Lola Paz, Lolo Pisyo, Tita Merz, Tita Lady lou, and Tito John.
Your Lola Nanay Poten along with her 5 siblings (your Titas and Titos) and 12 grandchild (Your Cousins) and 3 grandchild (Your nephew and nieces, your second cousins in that way)
Your late Lolo lotlot and Lola Olive, Tito Gary and Tita dada, Your Tita Gay and Tito ret, Your cousins Kuya budoy and Ate Angelina

There goes your relatives :) You'll meet them in person soon... 
And to end this, Take a closer look at your great grandparents and  Grandparents. Both your Lolos by the way are militaries. They're brave, yes! they fought for good but I hope you'll choose profession other than the one that carries gun.

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