Friday, July 22, 2011

Your Names

hi baby!

One of the names listed below will be yours depending on your gender. It is rather awkward giving you two names but since we are not yet sure of what you will be, I have to do this. Anyway, you should know that choosing and deciding on what name to give you is indeed one of the sweetest part of this journey.

When I was younger I told myself that I'll name my first born child with Charlotte. I first heard of it as the name of the leading cartoon character which became my favorite. The story is all about the girl who lost her family, wandered around the weary world and had met a lot of cruel people, but stayed strong. I'm not telling you that you're going to be alone in one way or another but I hope you'll be more like her,strong and brave. Charlotte actually means free man while I am always fascinated with the name Marie. I used to add it on my friends name, for instance, I like calling my friend Shanna as Shanna Marie, daphne as Daphne Marie, and so fort and so on.  Marie means Star of the Sea according to one of the websites I stumbled upon.

Giovanni, like your father's name means God is gracious while Christoffer means bearing Christ. Aside from the fact that it is biblical, the names are actually taken from our names, Ivan and Cristy.

Its funny that people believe that giving names of special meaning is very important in setting qualities that will be the foundation of one's personality. Most tend to believe that names can influence their life. It can affect one's ability to react to life, it can mold them. I rather argue.

Regardless of you name, I want you to become who you are.  You are not going to be someone else, you are going to be just you. You will always be the most wonderful, you will never be compared because Mommy believes each of us is way different from each other. Still, we wish all the best in your life. Your father and I will be here to guide you on what kind of person you'll soon be.

Your last and middle name, Miranda and Espanola respectively, matters most. I want you to take care of them.
Love lots,


  1. Tatawagin ko syang karlota sister. Haha

  2. PS, see you soon sister and baby karlota! mwah! -Aicee :)

  3. haha hi sister! at yan ginawa mong neutral ang name nya... see you soon din... TC!