Monday, January 31, 2011

Our First Glimpse

Our First Glimpse
Today we saw
Our first glimpse of You.
A little piece of heaven
Our dream come true.
The day we will meet
Seems so far away.
But until you're ready
In my womb safely stay.
Our gift from Angels
Sent from above
For us to cherish
And forever to love.
~Author Unknown

Sunday, January 30, 2011

baby on the way...

Hi baby!

Look at you! You are simply that wonderful.  Your Dad and I were a bit surprised to see you this big already. I was expecting to see a sac, maybe just a little dark spot to tell I really conceived because I wasn't expecting...I mean I can't believe it myself. I was telling your Grandma that I'm having, perhaps, a 3-week old little baby inside my tummy. but hey! It seems you're with me for 10 weeks and a day already.

That tiny little thing? The Doctor said it was your heart beating. It almost melt me. I am so happy to see you moving and your heart beating that fast. I bet your Dad felt the same although he was literally speechless. Yes he was!
Posted this on my blog to tell everyone about you:
Definitely I am! 26 more weeks to go, I can't wait to feel my little one around my arms. All the aches, pains and the feeling of being sick is nothing. In no doubt, my excitement overpowers my fear.

I almost forgot the day I told myself that I'll never conceive, no! I don't want any creepy creatures growing inside.

But hey! the feeling is overwhelming the very moment I knew that there is indeed a little one  struggling to survive inside my womb. 
I promise you to be here for you always.  
I  am so excited to mother a child, and of course, a little scared as a first time mom-to-be.

Painful contractions and lower back pain actually prompted us to see a doctor today. Instead of going to the office, you father and I headed to the nearest clinic. An ultrasound report revealed something not so good. There was a minimal Subchorionic Hemorrhage that threatens all of us. I have to undergo 10 days of medication for this :(

But then baby, I believe you are strong like your mom and dad. We are all praying for you. Please be strong for us. You mean a lot to us.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Freaking two lines

Your Dad been asking me to make another pregnancy test at home because I've been complaining--headaches, restlessness, afternoon sickness (yay!). The first test that I took was negative, that was a month ago.  I have to do another test so that he will allow me to go out with friends for some bottle of beers. Kidding! We needed to confirm if I'm really pregnant so I can attend to pre-natal care. That's it.

So here! The result is freaking me out *grin*

Is this true? Can somebody tell me I’m seeing only one line?!? Not two...Really? because I want to believe there is one line here and their is one more. It's faded though. 
These lines are driving me crazy…it really does.
Am I going to start a new journey? A happy one I supposed. 
Looking back, I doubted all those symptoms to something else: my dislikes of food to toothache, the lower back pains to long office hours, and my breathlessness to smoking. 
I still can’t believe this is happening to me. I have a feeling this is going to be a very good year. Damn it, I'm so happy... I'm not even sure yet. 
*I'm crossing my fingers* 

I'm going to your Dad's place tonight to show him the result...