Saturday, February 04, 2012

Halfway to one...

My smile says I'm Six months old today:)
At six I can lift my legs to my stomach, just right to get rid of my socks :) 
How about being able to watch an old movie with Daddy? (Watching HULIHIN SI NARDONG TOOTHPICK)
Getting ready for merienda... Mama found out the dress is too big so she tied a pink ribbon making me an improvised shaper... :)
add this to my emotion bucket (where does that word came from?) yeah! I'm learning to make faces whenever I'm bored
whoah! this is drooling! And it only means I'll be having my teeth soon!!!
for all I know, someone will surely pick me every time I cry
foods! I bet mama and Daddy enjoyed! Thanks Tito ken for the cake, tito pj for the icecream, tito mecmec for preparing the pasta, daddy for the countrystyle doughnuts! lolo boy and lola vic for the rest of the foods
this is how interested i am to foods!
time to make a wish!!!
happy me
my acrobat!

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