Sunday, February 26, 2012

"Must-bring" for Baby's Day out

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Aside from stroller and baby carrier, that? I intentionally crossed out because Ivy prefers to be held than be in carrier nor relax in a stroller. Below are the must-bring items every single time we go out, may it be a walk to the nearest mall or visit a friend for an hour or two.
After some moments of "ops! where is the diapers?!", "arg! forgot to bring extra clothes", "my! gone out of feeding bottles" and "oh no!!! my baby turned completely messy!!!' I finally realized what should be inside my bag

  • camera with a fully charged battery and emptied memory card
  • Disposable Diapers
  • Light weight blanket to lay baby on when feeding/serves as changing pad/in our case shade Ivy :)
  • Wet wipes for diaper change and clean sticky fingers, as well as to wash baby if ever she threw up
  • small sized towels/bibs
  • extra clothing (two shirts,two pajamas, underwear) 
  • favorite toys  to keep her entertained
  • feeding bottles with distilled water, quantity depends on how long we decided to stay outside
  • milk dispenser with milk powder
  • Small bottle of disinfectant/Alcohol
  • Whenever possible, plastic bags to wrap used diapers
  • A jacket/ sweater because whether changes anytime of the day. Also a must bring when going to the mall
  • coin purse :) in cases we needed to buy something for her
Indeed, A baby needs a large and it should be a light weight baby bag to carry this all... Because we have to expect the unexpected. We can't be spoiling baby's day out and heading  our way home earlier than what is supposedly be just because we forgot something.

Our rule: To Bring 'Extra items' won't hurt us

Sunday :) we are scheduled to visit Townhomes

Excited to go out:)
My smile, and my teeth at the lower part, middle left :)
Watching Tv while waiting. We are supposed to go to Carmona before lunch time
3:00pm.time to go!
At Carmona Townhomes
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on our way back to laguna
AS soon as we're home we realized Ivy and Ate Sisly wearing clothes of the same color:)

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