Monday, October 31, 2011

Three months old, almost

tell me...I'm not really that fat! :D

You are almost three months old! Congratulations to both of us for surviving newborn days, yay! Four more days and you will an infant, officially—still my little princess. These days I guess you realized there is more to life. Gone are the days of just eating, sleeping, crying, and pooping now that you have discovered you can do better than that. You also discovered that there is actually a nice world outside our window. You love it to stay outside and hangout with your Lolo Paquit (both of you are always having a good time together every single day). Sometimes if the weather would allow us, we go outside to meet the sunrise as early as six in the morning do. I love watching you just as much as you love the leaves, the sunlight, the wind, the rocky road and the chirping birds outside

Little princess, we are indeed in a big and a wide world. Soon you will realize that the world where I brought you is not exactly as I promised you and not exactly as stunning as the surrounding shows. You should know the world has its way and we have nothing to do with it but to find our own ways to be perfect in our own senses. The rain would mean anything so do the sunshine, later you will understand. Life is all about dealing difficulties first before having a trouble-free existence—beyond doubts, to live is not easy.  Life is all about surviving and surpassing obstacles one after another. Unending as it seems and tiring it may be but you have to live your life and keep moving. You should learn to be strong. There are many things I would like you to understand and you will learn those little by little, perhaps we can learn some things together. There are many paths I took which I am hoping you‘d never take. There are choices I preferred in life that I hope will never be your option. 

But today is just too early to discuss all those bits and pieces of life that would make us good, we can not actually learn all those at once… we are going to pick them one by one as we journey. Hey! You are only three months old (2months 3weeks and 6days) so let us learn things gradually, as slowly as we can s while enjoying each other’s company.

In the next nine months, you will be learning many things and be skilled first at holding objects, sitting crawling, balancing until you can stand on your own tiny feet and then walk a little step. Moreover, I am still ok with your own words, I totally understand you every time you demand something but I'll be happier when you can learn words the soonest (no pressure) that will help us be aware of each other’s wants and needs easily. Yes baby, our communication is still on a rough, it took me guts to guess what you want especially when you scream and when you started to get wild J have I told you that you get so irritated easily and when you cry you really cry big time. You are really giving me a hard time and your grand father always saves you, I mean saves me from you *grin*. When will I ever learn to cuddle to make you calm aside from giving you your milk?

We started another count down—16 good nights and we are home with your papa and with the rest of the Miranda. We still have no idea what our life would be like with them but lets just do our very best to get along. Quite a challenge for someone likes your mama but I will be doing well for you. Everyone out there gets so excited that you will finally be home and some people around us right now feels the other way around. Either way I am hoping this will be good for you.

I am also counting down days to your baptismal day. Forty-seven more days and you will be a Christian.
The plan so far:
  • Church: San Antonio BiƱan
  • Possible venue: Enchanted Kingdom
  • Number of guest: 100
  • Godparents: were already informed (hopefully)
  • Souvenir: a palm rosary made of light green beads
  • Baptismal gown: something comfortable to wear; None yet
  • Invitation: print some pieces
  • Slide show will be presented during the event: random pics and songs (my wish and one love by acel Bisa; trying to find more songs)

I am not actually sure how possible this event will be but we are going to make it as simple as possible. The day will be so special as long as good friends and families will join us. Sad to say those who are important to me is not willing to celebrate because they think they have no right to rejoice over your christening due to some moral obligation. *sigh* such a big deal on my part but for the meantime we will respect them. Someday we can prove them that we are also capable of building a good family. Our life must go on… your baptismal ceremony will be one of the most important events in our life—perhaps even next to you arrival because it will be the moment we’ll publicly present you to God and a special day to affirm that you are going to join the His family. We really have to respect them with their decision. We are going to be fine baby. Mama, Papa, and the rest of the family (both sides despite all the worries) are so glad to have you—you have to believe me.

I love you so much my baby :)

Life is wonderful, a simple reminder... 
You are simply wonderful, love you more!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

the past 15 days :)

My Pretty little Charlotte is now two months, three weeks, and five days old... here's some of the good memories to remember...

  • October 19, 2011 Another afternoon stroll with mama outside... definitely yes! I am now starting to love the world outside our room :D 

  • Mama's good friends... so late for my dedication but they came anyway... by the way, I was dedicated to Seventh Day Adventist yesterday (10.18.11).

  • Whenever possible :) I love to hear about fairy bear's adventure and look at her glittery pictures...

  • or just listen.. seriously! I looove stories! 

  • my mama loves this chubby cheeks. I look so fat... so tired. The last time we checked (10.13.11) I'm 5.2 Kg already. 

  • Mama find my hairstyle very funny :D 

  • i still love to sleep

  • and sleep...

  • and sometimes too sleepy not to wear my socks anymore

  • i can stay here for a minute or two :D

  • or dance with me, i assure you our day will be good :D

  • and lastly, after a month and a half of hating infant formula... goodbye similac... goodbye enfalac... and hello Bonna :D yum yum!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

brownout :)

This is your everyday life, especially pag brownout :D

Friday, October 14, 2011

not the usual bedtime stories :)

Just before bedtime :) You were listening to Lola as she point and name images in the book. Kuya angel were also with you. A new experience and this gave me a hint that we will be reading more books together love you baby!


Today you were just too excited to go out and luckily stayed outside a little bit longer than the past days. You started to enjoy the outside world... appreciating the light more and more each passing day.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ivy and Mama (,")/\('",)

A Special kind of moment that happens everyday... I loveyou baby Charlotte...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

making each captured moments more expressive

making each captured moments more expressive, you are simply beautiful! thank you for being such.. love you baby!