Thursday, August 04, 2011

The arrival

Welcome my dear little pretty princess!!!

Good morning Ms. Charlotte Ivymarie E. Miranda, this might be the most "laborious" post I could ever publish not because I intended to write a story about how you arrived but because I am not sure if can really write something here for you that could describe exactly what I felt. I don't know exactly what to talk about... should I write like "Once upon a time, a baby was born and so on and so fort"?

*this is actually a scheduled post, I haven't had enough time to blog and post an update*

Birth Information

Date of Birth: August 4, 2011 by Caesarian Section
Place of Birth: Saint Gabriel Hospital (Arch. Gabriel Reyes St. Corner G. Pastrana St., Kalibo, Aklan
Time of Birth: 3:16 a.m
Birth Weight: 2.8 Kg
Birth Length: 48cm
Head Circumference: 33cm
Pediatrician: Dra. Alexandra M. Gelito

This is you crying at 4:48 a.m. while mama was sleeping so deeply. 
Your Lola Adel and Lola Elnor took this video for us. You are simply adorable, isn't it?

Labor! I thought it was not as crappy as anticipated. I was hesitant to go to the hospital that morning of August 3, 2011. I told my mother I was fine, I'm not in pain, I felt no contractions...(and I'm watching it's show time hehe) but she insisted. We headed ourselves to Kalibo Provincial Hospital (Dr. Rafael Tumbukon Memorial Hospital) after lunch, and there I found myself lying inside an IE room. The ER nurses started to prepare me for delivery and I was telling them "this is way too early". I was still 3cm dilated, not ready, maybe almost, so I stayed calm. I even forgot my fear of labor. I was just there... to the worst, I was wondering why am I lying almost naked in that ER waiting for something I'm not even sure of.

At 2pm the OB said she has to transfer us to another hospital because the admin won't allow her to attend to us as our private doctor. She was the doctor-on-duty that day which means she can't prioritize us as much as she wanted to. From there I started to panic... my supposed 9-month journey was about to end.

At 5pm, two hours after my admission at St. Gabriel Hospital my OB preformed amniotomy on me. During those time I was so excited, so eager to hear my baby cry but then felt so scared. I started to feel the pain at around 8pm. From time to time nurses and the doctor-on-duty checked on me. My mother also helped on monitoring my dilation, she did the IE once. Nurses been asking me what have I done with my belly because I don't have any stretch marks at all. So I guess they're just trying to calm me down although its not good enough to make me feel better. 

I was transferred to the delivery room past twelve of August 4, 2011 as I started to scream my lungs out. I was funny I know. I can hear myself screaming to death! I can't remember how painful it was, but I was really really screaming. Shame on me! At 1:00 am I asked for an epidural block so then I only heard myself shouting every after 15 to 20 minutes for they only lessened the pain to 80% so I still have the urge to push my baby put. So I pushed and pushed... and pushed... then my OB did a fundal push to help me up. Nothing happened. My Ob keep on giving me an ultimatum "thirty more minutes and we'll transfer you to the next room, the operating room. 

So yeah! I was transferred to the OR. Perhaps that was the most scary thing that happened to me. I was so worried for my baby. It's been hours of pushing. It should have been done earlier. I was praying all throughout the operation, maybe I had fallen to sleep from time to time but then all I did was to asked for my baby's good health.
It was 3:16 in the morning, when I heard the first cry of my baby. And I heard them say "it's a girl!" *tears of joy just rolled on* I can't explain how happy I was hearing my baby cry for the first time. Then I just have to watch her from the distance while her pedia was cleaning her body. I asked the anesthesiologist to wait till I can see my baby up close before he sedate me, I just can't wait to see her... 
and She was so lovely...

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