Monday, August 15, 2011

Mother's Prayer

Lord, give my daughter the realization that this life is only a journey,
and she is going back home, where she came from.

Let her walk on earth lightly, but firmly.
Let her not carry any excess baggage of guilt, greed and fear, 
but only the wisdom of her experiences.

Lord, make my daughter a woman, whose dignity is her highest possession.
Moreover, her confidence will never be use for vengeance.

Make my daughter to hold her head above, where the eagles soar.
And yet her feet grounded on the earth.

Make my daughter a woman, who will not measure her power and greatness by her fortune, 
but by her virtue.

Lord, make my daughter rich, 
but also let her realize that penniless she still can own the world.

Make my daughter, oh Lord, not to look for You, 
not to hope that You will help her, 
but believe, that you are always with her.

Let her remember You all the times.
Let her see You in everything.
Let all her actions be dedicated to You.

Do not allow her the luxury of dwelling on fear, 
but give her the power to make fear the founding stone of her success.

O Lord, let her understand her omnipotence.
Let her realize, that she lives moves, and she has her being in You.

Let her learn to laugh at herself.
Let her see tough things, but also enjoy things the way they are.
Let her intellect be her compass,
But let her heart be the guide to the mark.

Let her be balance in pain and pleasure.
Let her know, that there is always one more step to be taken.

O Lord, let her always remember,
That she was made in your image.
Let her know that beauty and strength are synonymous.
Let her have the purity of the sage,
The passion of a lover and the industry of an artisan.

And with all these, make her invincible warrior
and endow her the greatest weapon… love

I am blessed, that I have daughter through You.
Thank You my Lord.
Thank You…

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