Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dearest Charlotte

Hi Baby!

It has been two weeks since your arrival yet I have not written anything decent for you to read. Here's my first letter, I'm writing you this while you are sleeping.

We never really have good talks and laugh yet… what should I expect from a heavy-eyed charming little princess who loves to sleep the whole day and whole night even. Then again, you should know there was never a dull moment to be with someone like you who dozes off most of the time. It is always a magical moment for me to watch you sleeping like an angel… seriously, I know I have not seen a real angel but you’re rounded little face, so at peace at it is, is a guaranty that you look exactly like them. Yeah, you are my very own little angel sent by God above.  

I have been telling you (writing also) how much I had fallen in love since the time when I first saw you as a black and white blurry image sonagraph. Love at first sight do happen. I always thought you were lovely by then, but now that you are here, I realize you are lovelier than ever. I love you more each day, and never had it been so intense and so deep like before.

Earlier today, your Ninang Ellyn was here and like everyone else who already seen you, may it be in person or your photos posted on the web, said you look precisely like your father. Well, I knew that thing the very moment I set my eyes on you. I told myself the same thing—sooooo little Miranda, a daddy’s little girl. You got everything from you dad… so I honestly felt a little jealous, even so, my love on you overshadows that jealousy I had and so it matters no more whose genes dominated your figure. You will always be Daddy and Mommy’s little angel.
Your Ninang Elly said this is the only picture that she could tell you're my daughter. We can actually be perhaps "alike" in some other ways... :D
You should also know that everyone who loves you proudly introduced you to the public, most especially your grannies. Your Lola Adel brought a Globe Tatoo kit so we can access the net to upload your photos and video clips while we were still confined at the hospital. She just cannot wait until we are home, thus, on your second day everyone was aware of your arrival. Your Lola Vic on the other hand shared your album to her friends saying her grand princess has arrived. I guess you can now imagine how excited they were beforehand.

Those loud announcements was a contrary to what I planned prior your arrival. I was planning not to post any photos of you on facebook thus I made this blog (partly, that was my reason) so only few of our love ones can follow us on our journey. I don't know what has gotten me during those times. When you arrived, every thing has changed... you are simply irresistible...I can't help but also be proud of you... more than enough that I showed the whole world I've been blessed with a pretty little girl.  

What else should I tell you...hmmm...

During your first week, we bottle-fed you—wherein you finished 1 ounce of formula in just a minute every three hours alternated to breast milk. Hungry much?!? Always!!! No wonder you gained weight, from 2.8kls birth weight to 3.2 after a week. Good enough though. well...I have been breast-feeding you for a week (no more formula), I was thankful for that the fact that it is good for your health. Less chances of getting sick. You are now contented with mama’s breast milk that you smile every time you are full. I love it every time you smile.
You are stronger than you were, You can now lift your head when lying on chest, can hold your chin up on prone position, hyper-extends your neck, can make a little stretching every time you wake up and just yesterday you made your first roll-over all by yourself!Very quickly! Quite early, I hope everything is good with you.
That morning you rolled over all by yourself, August 15, 2011 as early as five in the morning... you had a good sleep afterwards

You seldom cry but when you do, everyone is alarmed. As if something is really wrong with you. You tend to cry like there is no tomorrow (?!?)  I am not exaggerating how you scream your lungs out. Seriously! You can  frighten up everyone around us when you only wanted to tell only two things. It is either you are hungry or you are soiled and I should be changing your diaper already. 

Little by little, you are learning to wait patiently until one of us here can attend to your needs. You are now becoming considerate pretty baby who do not want to stress us much. Thank you for being that. You don’t even cry that hard during bath time unlike the first one. Well, you do cry a little... I have to hold your hands every time—I guess you’re just scared. You should not be, but then, we are willing to wait that you will completely trust us the soonest; we will not drown you of course! We all love you... We are just trying to make you feel fresh everyday.

By the way, your Tita Ti-an been washing your clothes and she iron them afterwards. Your Lola Adel had been looking after you whenever I am fast asleep. I am always thankful everyone here is helping me to take care of you. I cannot actually imagine being alone during these days. If that happens, I guess motherly instincts will just be kicking in on me. Still, we are lucky to have them beside us.

You have not met your father yet. He will be visiting you the soonest he can, hopefully with your Lola Vic and Tito Ken. He is going to have a minor surgery first (Your dad has a carpal tunnel syndrome diagnosed just recently). To that, we will both be praying for his health so he would be well in time. That's the only thing we could offer him today. At times I am discouraged too... I am saddened by the uncertainty that lies ahead the three of us. but your presence is always enough for me to hold on my faith. I know your Dad loves you so much… he been doing everything that he can to provide for us. His absence these past days do not mean we were less valued. He, too, cannot wait to be with us. For now, let us just pray for the best. Everything will be all right in no time.

We also have to prepare ourselves because we have been planning to go back to Laguna when you became a little bigger than you are...that would be two months from now. When we get there, don't be surprise if everyone will be calling you as Ivy and not Charlotte. While I personally call you “Bhe”, people around here already had known you as Charlotte, Nene Charlotte, or Baby Charlotte. Moreover, since I have started this blog long before you were born, I will be addressing my letters for you with Charlotte. I guess that is what it takes in naming you with three--they can call you Charlotte, or Ivy, or Marie. It is still you anyway.  

Did I already informed you that I added Ivy to your name so you are now my baby Charlotte Ivymarie? Your Dad told me (the day before you were born via phone call) that he dreamed of naming you Cristina Ivy. So I just picked the Ivy and added it to your original name. That name is nice indeed, we can actually make it Ivy Cristina E. Miranda but my mind been set to name you with Charlotte. So I guess it's not bad that I have only chosen Ivy to add up. I am hoping you and your dad will agree on me. Anyway, we haven't applied you for a live birth certificate yet. Will be waiting for your Dad if he will acknowledged you by signing the application... hmmm Daddy will, Don't worry he already assured us with that.
Revision: Added Ivy on your original name, and since you are a princess you can't use Giovanni Christoffer
Ops! This is quite a lengthy letter… I will be lying beside you in a while. It is past our bedtime… Mwah! Sleep tight my dear. I love both of you.

Love lots,

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