Monday, August 01, 2011

37 weeks pregnant

37 weeks
Hi baby!

Congratulations my dear for you are now fully termed despite the fact that we are supposed to be due on August 22, that's three more weeks away. I am so thankful we've gone this far. I now weigh 63 kilos! heavy! and I'm 3cm dilated already (with a very thin and soft cervix), for the most, we'll see each other in a week. We are actually scheduled for hospital admission next week :)

Yesterday I had the urge to clean the room for your arrival but then your grandma did the rest of the cleaning :D   I spent my time on line, do the blogging thing, then talked to your father for more than an hour!

I been feeling great, boosted with energy and had a lot of happy thoughts in mind more than ever (after weeks of feeling exhausted).

In some point of the day, I feel impatient and a little bit nervous... Can you feel that too? You should know that aside from you, I'm having butterflies inside me so I've been rushing to the comfort room from time to time--very annoying, I only had this before during school exams.

By the way, if you happen to hear me sigh, please don't get me wrong for that. I am just starting to feel very... very... very nervous. I'm over excited, really very impatient. Still, I am so willing to wait for the right time.

Your father and I are very excited as everyone else around us. We are more inspired and well motivated to do the best in our lives for you. I know we still have a lot of issues to deal with but we are sorting things out. In no time, every single thing will be set, leave that to us :)

but that does not mean you are out of our life because you play the most important role--our inspiration to get things going. Thanks for being that. mwah!

Love lots,

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