Friday, August 19, 2011

Update as of today...

Today is quite an ordinary day... like the old days with you of course which is actually special in a way.
Nothing is new, you been sleeping still, except for three things... 
  • you are now fatter perhaps had another centimeter added to your length which are actually good signs!
  • your skin even darker, *grin* I have nothing to do with that baby... it runs in our genes although people keeps on commenting our colors are way different. That's not true! Mama's "white" (not that fair) skin is brought about by her beauty rituals when she was younger *grin again*
  • you got lots and lots of skin rashes, dry even. You supposed to have a real baby skin...perhaps I'm not good enough to be a caretaker of a newborn...*guilty* trying to figure out what to do.
Today's first time: you had fallen asleep on my arms, (and) as I swayed you a little, and sang For God so love the world as well as Seek ye first... (yay! so yeah! I really did the singing part just to complete the drama of "a mother and child moment" although I don't know how to sing at all). 

Today's dilemma: Aside from the possibility of having an umbilical stump infection, I realized that nursing you so often is not a good idea, you regurgitate a lot today... you have been throwing up all day *sad*
 I hope it is just due to overfeeding and not because of some medical complications. I'm also hoping you can outgrown that as soon as you can.

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