Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Two months Old

Hi Bhabie!

*hugs and kisses* 

Happy two months old my bhabie Ivy! Mwaaaah! How I wanted to hug you soooo tight… but of course, all I can do right now is just to hold you gently.

Today, I am proud to say that you learned all the wonderful things a 2-month old baby should be learning—you smile and really look good with your gummy grin, you respond with noises; you love it when people talk to you, you turn to sounds, and so in a way you can now entertain people around. Yes! You are doing great when you talk back with aah and oohs as if you really wanted to tell something. Is it about your dream baby? It seems to me that you are always having fun at dreamland. You love to talk early morning after a long good night sleep.

Since it is your birthday today (sort of) let me wish for you the following… 
  • You‘d be great and be good 
  • You will remain healthy 
  • Success; you will excel in the worst situation and in everything you put your hands to 
  • you would grow as somebody and will not follow the crowd just for the sake of following
  • You will grow beautiful inside and out
  • You will obey your parents as well as the elders around you
  • You will hate and run away from evil and walk with God instead 
 I love you baby! Thank you for the two wonderful months

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  1. thanks for dropping in my site!
    happy 2nd month bday to your lovely baby!
    God bless..