Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Year 2012! Day 04: my fifth Month

Yes! I'm just 5 month old pretty baby and this stroller is at risk! I'm not getting any smaller :D
Thanks Ninang Aicee! the dress is so perfect for this day:)
wearing Ate sydney's gift:)
Sorry! Quite busy for you... watching tv:)
Don't tell mama I'm doing this:) yummy bracelet!
ok! I admit it.. it tastes bad!
also had an interests on daddy's PSP... and there we goes! Daddy trying to push me away! 
This pillow? my favorite toy every morning!
oh yeah! i want you to take more pictures of me
How does that happen?!? where's my toy?
I loveyou too daddy!
can you hear me laughing?
Time to celebrate!!! Happy 5th month old!!!

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