Sunday, January 01, 2012

Year 2012! Day 01: Robinsons and Pavillion Mall

We'll make sure to post every day this year *cross fingers*

Goodmorning 2012! woke up so early! Mama only had less than four hours of sleep today nonetheless we started the day with a smile greeting each other a happy new year...ah! sweet morning
last night's meal was not yet good for me! this is yummier i guess :)
and when i'm about to sleep again during afternoon Daddy decided to go to the nearest mall just to take a walk :)
and so what do you expect from me? zzzzz....
my first time at Robinsons Mall :) 
It's not that i don't care with what is going on around me... I'm just too sleepy for this! zzzzzzz....
ok... what is going on?!? where am i? who are those people? :D
just taking some time to rest:) 
feelin' tired Daddy? I wanted to see more faces! let's walk!!!
My mama really think I'm the prettiest!
you see? She really think I am!
walk...wait...walk... wait...walk...with grandma while waiting for everyone...
got it? I wanted to play with them! soon?
found nemo!!! hey I found him!!! got to tell his Dad! :D
just under the sea:)

my proud parents..

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