Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20: From Ate Angelina's Box!

Today we received a box from Aklan... it was actually from Italy from Ate Angelina's parent :) Thanks Tita Gay and Tito Ret! Thanks Ate Angelina for sharing your supplies!

A-derma,Pasta Di Fissan, Fissan Polvorre, Pampers Dry, Johnson's Baby wiper
and because i don't read nor understand italiano i have to search the net to know what are the creme, powder, and lotions are for! and here's what i got...

The POWDER HIGH PROTECTION FISSAN BABY is ideal for the daily protection of sederino and the particularly sensitive zones of babies and children.
Its formula, rich of Oxide of Zinc and Pure Talc, assures an effective protection against reddenings and irritations which had to the rubbing of the diaper or other external factors (excessive sudorazione, exposure to warmth, cold etc) and carries out one delicate refreshing action and sanitary napkin concurring a normal cutaneous perspiration without seccare the skin.
The lowland volatility of the formula reduces, moreover, the inhalation risk.

The Pasta Di Fissan? I still have no idea... I guessed for diaper rashes!

Soothe atopic and very dry skin with the A-Derma Exomega Emollient Cream, a formulation that can be used by babies, children and adults. This intensive moisturiser is excellent for keeping skin feeling comfortable during episodes of skin irritation. It restores the skin's softness, suppleness and defences.

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