Sunday, January 01, 2012

Welcome 2012!!!

Hello 2012!!! We are all glad you came and we're hoping you'd be good :) 
it's been a blissful year for having Ms. Ivy! Thanks God for a wonderful 2011! such a good reason to welcome 2012 
Deciding on which terno to wear...My lolo and Lola choose the color:) Cool!!!
My proud grandparents and Dad just before the year ends!
And I was so fascinated by the christmas lights that I don't give a care to the camera:)

My Mama and Daddy who loves me BIG time!!!
will grab a copy of ninong ken carrying me to paste here! 
This is us! One big happy family :)
A big and a happy family...
time to eat!!!! midnight meal!!! our media noche!!!
Happy new year!!!
And I was like.. hey! what is happening! whats with the noise?!?
Seriously? why is everybody so loud!
Time to go back to bed:) 
Time check! round one in the morning...
 Mom blogging, Dad waching her fave tv series, I'm sleeping...while everyone is having fun outside!!!
In the new year, we pray
that You will guide us each new day
in paths that are pleasing to You.

Lord, the new year gives us another chance
to rededicate our lives to You,
to study Your Word
so that we know right from wrong
and to act in accordance with Your commands.

Thank You for the sense of
direction, purpose and peace we get
from aligning our lives with Your Holy will.
We pray for the strength and the will to obey You
each and every day of the new year,
and when we fail, we pray for Your mercy,
Your compassion, Your grace and Your love.

Help us in the new year to be Your faithful servants.
In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


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