Sunday, October 30, 2011

the past 15 days :)

My Pretty little Charlotte is now two months, three weeks, and five days old... here's some of the good memories to remember...

  • October 19, 2011 Another afternoon stroll with mama outside... definitely yes! I am now starting to love the world outside our room :D 

  • Mama's good friends... so late for my dedication but they came anyway... by the way, I was dedicated to Seventh Day Adventist yesterday (10.18.11).

  • Whenever possible :) I love to hear about fairy bear's adventure and look at her glittery pictures...

  • or just listen.. seriously! I looove stories! 

  • my mama loves this chubby cheeks. I look so fat... so tired. The last time we checked (10.13.11) I'm 5.2 Kg already. 

  • Mama find my hairstyle very funny :D 

  • i still love to sleep

  • and sleep...

  • and sometimes too sleepy not to wear my socks anymore

  • i can stay here for a minute or two :D

  • or dance with me, i assure you our day will be good :D

  • and lastly, after a month and a half of hating infant formula... goodbye similac... goodbye enfalac... and hello Bonna :D yum yum!

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