Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Ivy's eating skills improved from sucking milk to moving solid foods forwards and backwards in mouth with tongue to swallow. When she is hungry she either cries or show eagerness to food by opening her mouth to the spoon. with that, she now know how to refuse to foods whenever in full stomach--she pushes nipple and food out her mouth and turns her head away from spoon.

Her present diet includes formula milk, biscuit, water with caramelo, and instant cereals. Today we decided to introduce Banana :)

Banana is the most common food to introduce to babies six months and beyond. Since Ivy been introduced to solid foods a month ago she may now be ready to add another solid food. We chose banana over any other fruits and vegies mainly  because of its soft consistency and its availability all year round. We had some at the fruit tray :)  Experts recommendation for Bananas as baby food is due to Vitamins (A, C, b6, and B2) and  minerals (potassium,Selenium, Magnesium, and Calcium) baby can have. We will be introducing solid foods slowly.
Today's Menu

  • Breakfast: Banana and Milk Instant Infant Cereal/water
  • Lunch:Mashed Banana/water

Add "Convenience" on why Bananas are best solid food for babies. So easy to prepare! it only takes one ripe banana, a regular pork and a bowl...

  • Afternoon Snack: Banana and Milk Instant Infant Cereal/Marie Biscuits/Water
  • In-between meals: milk formula, 5oz each feeding

Like it or...Ivy seems not, will be eating more bananas!
I mean...enough bananas not to cause constipation :)

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