Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm the BOSS

these days, Ivy decides on things like 
  • who among us will carry her--had anxiety to strangers and will only go with those familiar to her
  • what toys to play with--she has her favorites and she won't trade the looney tunes rattle teether given by her Kuya biboy to any toys
  • what objects to put on her mouth--remote controls, tags, computer mouse are some that interests her.
  • whether to stay on stroller or just be help
  • whether to sit or pushes herself up to stand
  • Whether to spent afternoon rolling in bed or would rather go outdoors no matter how hot the weather is.
  • Among others!
  • Ivy decided to make snoopy baby teether  her bracelet :)
    And she decided where to put her pillow :)

And she cried to sleep while holding the crib because she wanted to play despite being sleepy, 

May be a demanding boss...but she is the sweetest:)

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