Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Hello February!!!

To start the month of hearts (right!) 
Are we too early to greet you a Happy hearts everyone!!!
This time I wont be inserting dozens of images... promise!!!
Anyway, I am sorry for always  flooding this blog site with pictures having no captions or stories! My apology. Believe me; I made tons of excuses everyday just to convince myself that it is ok not to make my post more decent than what is published. “Picture tells a thousand of words” Isn't that they always tell us? but I admit our pictures can tell more and it can tell you exactly the story I wanted to tell if it presented with captions. Sadly, just to catch up with bundle of sweet moments that is coming our way I always ended up on inserting images and then click publish button instantly (justified? hehe). Whew! Did I miss to brag some special moments?  Hmmm let me clarify myself because I sound so vain. It has nothing to do with just showing off!
As you can see, I failed to write a letter for Ivy’s 4th month and 5th Month’ and so I am now trying to contain every feeling I had way back (as much as I can). With any luck, I am hoping I can come up with a good update on how is Ivy living her life and how she been during the past three months. That is how time flies! I can hardly get closer with actuality. My baby is almost halfway to her first birthday and I cannot believe it myself! Thanks to this site for being such a perfect reminder of my preggy-days and keeps on refreshing my memories of how wonderful the past six months has been despite rocky-road-trips!
To start with, we are through with those “Baby and Mama” and perhaps “against the world” dilemma.  We been enjoying happy days with Daddy as well as trying to beat random difficulties we encounter everyday. 
The three of us…
Ivy had gone big…I mean… I think she is bigger than babies of her age, at least with those of around us.  She consumes about eight bottles a day, 4-oz each timeJ since we sense her desire for food recently; she already had her first solidmeal two days ago… squashy cereal I mean, an instant baby food. We give her once a day for the meantime and perhaps we will be making that twice a day next week.
Aside from rolling over from both fronts to back and back to front—she mastered rolling already! she moves non-stop that is why we can no longer lay her on bed without giving her our full attention or better yet we put pillows around her at the very least keep her safe. 
How about making a playpen out of pillows?
At night, this is no longer a worry since Ivy sleep alone at cribJ at least she is safer. She is still a perfect nighttime sleeper. She usually sleep around 10 in the evening, ask for milk as early as 4 or 5 in the morning and usually goes back to sleep after feeding. Morning routine starts at 8 or nine—take a bath, stroll outside, have some fresh air, play for a while and then go back to sleep every two hours. Her Dad tends to bring her outside every afternoon for a stroll and be home before five to wash and play until bedtime.
the right way to invite daddy for a stroll... sweet baby
Hmmm…bath time! I know it is not a usual practice to give babies a warm bath at the end of a long day if not old ones would rather argue it is bad because room temperature tends to drop during late afternoons—baby might get sick. Ivy used to bath twice a day. Personally I’m giving her that because of hygiene and baby needs to freshen’ up after a long and sweaty day.   Bath time is always a fun time for her and is getting more adventurous than ever. Maybe one more week and she want to get rid of her bath net on bathtub. She is starting to give us an idea that she wanted to play while bathing. Lately, we purchased a rubber squeeze ducks for her to play and somewhat trying to appreciate them.
She can bear weight on her legs when held upright, She can now sit up for maybe 30 seconds or less but would rather be standing and bounce up and down. Sitting position always made her mad… she got the power to hold herself upright.
She smile, giggles, talks and entertains anyone. Mind you, she only entertains people whom she recognizes. She is obsessed by faces and she like to look at everyone who holds and carry her. well, the bad thing about that? She will be screaming her lungs out the moment she cannot identify the person carrying her.   So she only gets along with familiar faces and voices but when she does, she burst out with good laughs.
These days, peek-a-boo is her favourite game.  we also found her tickle spot! Its on her armpit and upper abdomen… it really causes her to let out the cutest and laugh you have ever heard every time she is kissed in those sites!

Her verbal communications have improved and she is really trying her best, as harder as she can to connect with anyone in the orbit. She may not ready to utter words nor syllables this time but she gave good cues. Attention on what she wants to grab is on high demand!
Her coordination has improved evidently (still got room for improvement though, too excited to noticed every single details of her milestone), she enjoys passing of toys from one hand to another. She even has her favourite toy given to her by Kuya Biboy as Christmas a present.  In line with playing toys, anything and everything that she got goes directly into her mouth! I may be lucky for having good toys to distract her but I know my obligation, I have to make sure everything in her reach is clean! We actually got toys for her to chew, teethers, pacifiers as all mommy know, mouthing objects is one of the best a baby can learn.
Ivy is doing great… Thanks God!

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