Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Promoting blog on facebook

We can't deny the fact that facebook is way easier to connect with our love ones and in a way re-connecting with them... but we still find blogging as the best way to chronicle our memories:) So we are on our mission to keep both sites...
our new facebook cover photo
and here's one site yet to work on

Just signed a new account at multiply (that would be Ivy's Crib) where I can post every single picture, unedited pictures, we had since my pregnancy up to these days:) I'm just trying to weigh things out whether to use Ivy'scirb or just make use of my old account My Hiding Place. I'm bothered with the following issues though:

  • I got 52 contacts and i don't personally know more than a half of them    and while writing this post I realize how weird I am. why am i worried with my 52 contact anyway if the public can browse the new site? Ivy's crib was intentionally made and set to become a public site where friends and families can access and browse Ivy's pictures anytime they want... 
  • I am thinking of creating an online photo album of Ivy but I  already published 170 albums since November of 2007 at my old multiply site! Thant won't make the site an exclusive one for Ivy's memories
  • I don't like the fact that I have to use a different email address in creating Ivy's Crib. I had a number of social accounts but I'm using the same email address to all of them. The problem with me? my memory on contact details is such a failure :)
  • and Seriously?!? I needed to upload more than a hundred... and counting... photo albums to make this project possible...and internet connection is simply and amazingly slow out here! Yes! that is how slow our connection is.
and yeah! I guess i really have to use my old account because! BECAUSE  I had no way to confirm Ivy's Crib... I'm trying to figure out why I am not receiving any confirmation email from multiply staff.  hands up! okay! I'm using Hiding Place for Ivy's photo album as well... 
the latest news? just did the cancellation of Ivy's Crib

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