Saturday, March 03, 2012

Baby Keyboard Game

In line with my mission to make an intellectually stimulation environment for Ivy's growth and development I sometimes have to use my laptop as a learning tool.
Eating time can be a learning time
My baby while watching 'Mickey Mouse Clubhouse', been my favorite educational kiddie show!
A smile of someone who won from a mission to pound and strike a keyboard
Moreover, I can't be mean taking something she like playing the most, her interest to learn new things is way important to me. I recently lost some files and enabled the "lock Key" and had a hard time fixing all the shortcuts and function key.

My solution is not to keep my baby away from my laptop, I search online instead and luckily found this Baby Keyboard Game in my intention to find a baby keyboard product/if buying a toy that is similar to a keyboard would be a help (I know a lot of Mom is anxious over the same issues). But this one is way better! all I have to do is to click install, double click the icon on my desktop every time baby gets bored on our 'lesson' (phonics slideshow/nursery rhymes/kiddie shows) and control+alt+Q when she is done. Very easy!

My baby can actually learn her ABC's and 123's while she is having time. In anyway, my rule on teaching my baby to learn all those is not to pressure her and just have fun.

Screen shot of Baby Keyboard Game 1.6.2

Claimed advantage:

  • Support display more keys, for example:F1,Ctrl,PgUp...,other similar games only support number and alphabet
  • Support fast response even while keys being pressed quickly
  • Prevent some special keys from switching to other application accidentally.
  • Protect your important datasheet or document from damage when kids play game.    
Had nothing to argue with! 

  • Features a baby-friendly images
  • one strike, one laugh, one learning--what more if she can strike and strike and strike!
  • encourages an early-reading while having fun
  • My files are all safe! 


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