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Diapers: To Change or not to change

Disclaimer: The author did not receive any compensation or cash payment in writing this post; the author does not mean to persuade readers and has no intention to promote either. This is an honest opinion.

Diapers become part of our everyday life; becoming a parent only means adding diapers on the list of our basic needs other than supplies of milk formula and baby wipes. For modern young mothers”, gone are those days of extra work loads for caretakers in washing soiled cloth diapers—unlike with disposable, all you have to do is to roll the diaper into its backsheet, fasten to keep it close and dispose! Gone are those days of a smelly baby room because you got one pail of wet and dirty cloths in one corner, gone are those days of beds soiled of urine and poops, gone are those days of using safety pins that is still risky for active babies.

However, Cloth diapering has gone a long way and it is rather becoming more popular nowadays.  We actually wanted to try using cloth diapers. My partner asked me once “what can we get from cloth diapering?” I told him “they’re cute! They come in prints!” *grin* More than the stylish prints, I know cloth diapering can save us a lot. I sometimes free baby from wearing diapers for an hour or two (only after she poops) because she wears diaper 24/7! Wearing wet diapers is actually bad despite what the diaper companies promised us with a 12-hr dryness and great absorbency. We don’t actually wait for 12 hours before we change one diaper after another;  we change every time the baby poops, after bath, we change when going out, we change when baby woke up from a nap, we before bedtime—making us consume an average of 10 diapers in 24 hours, spending nearly a hundred everyday just for baby’s diaper. That is too much already.

Other reason why we want to consider cloth diapering includes:
  • Environment-friendly and with than it can lessen feeling of guilt for filling the landfills with materials that will take hundred of years to break—our daughter is not the only baby who wears disposable diaper and I am not the only mommy who does the throwing.
  • Washable/re-usable
  • They’re no longer use safety pins or diaper clips, cloth diaper also comes in buttons and tapes
  • Using cloth diaper gave us and the baby a reason to potty train earlier
However, we are still using disposable diapers because it will cost us a bit in order to get started. The last time we checked it will cost us around 600php for a piece of cloth diapers and we cannot be using only one piece J it will worth a try though.

We resolve to find a disposable diaper that has all the quality of the one we used to have but only cheaper. During her first month, Ivy used Pampers New Baby. They are soft, perfectly fit for baby thus; we never had problems with leaks.

We then switched to Pampers Active baby (I copied product description because it is factual)
  • It absorbs fast, keeps baby dry, no leaks
  • Made with an extra-locking layer that keeps baby dry even under pressure
  • It has a soft cotton like outer cover with the needed breathability to help prevent irritation
  • expands and contracts for comfortable fit around the waist to help baby move freely
  •  it contains skin Care ingredients ( Hypo allergenic lotion with aloe Vera extract) that helps gently protect baby skin and reduces rashes
First pick: "winny diaper" we heard from a friend. Accordingly, it is more of the “active diaper” likened to that of pampers product and it is 1.50php cheaper than pampers. I tried searching search engines and I was lead to winnie the pooh products and diaper bags *grin*.  Its no popular. We bought three pieces to try on.

Our first impression:
  • It looks bulk—yes! baby became a bumble beeJ
  •   It got cute prints, a teddy bear.  Although one piece of it has, a teddy bear printed upside down J not a big deal.
  • Not so soft back sheet cover, likened to a thin paper
  • I have no idea of the product, it is for me to find out J
Ivy’s impression:
Instead of playing Ivy keeps on touching and pulling the diaper to the point that she unfasten the tape of the diaper by herself, it even tear-open when she moves a lot. wearing this diaper made Ivy madly irritated. 

My view:  
  • It also absorbs fast! And it keeps baby dry
  • It is not meant for Ivy because Ivy isn’t the child who will just sit down in a corner to play, she moves a lot. The diaper easily tears off as she plays.
  • That bulky look I mention above became even bulkier and creates lumps, I mean LUMPS! hard ones! A lot of lumps making it uncomfortable for baby to move
  • It only took an hour and thirty minutes (even lesser) for urine lumps to developed
  •  It’s not cheaper actually. A 1.50pho cheaper to be used for an hour is way too expensive when I can use pampers active baby for a longer period. I tried three pieces and each of them lasted for only an hour. Failed.
We ended up buying a bag of Pampers Active Baby the next day.

We’ll try other brands next time.. I'm open for suggestions. I'm looking for a diaper that could make baby comfortable but cheaper 

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  1. Great info here you can buy all kind of Baby Products and Baby Care Products with best price.

  2. i use luvs. pampers is expensive but i used them for a month with my first child and that was it. i also used cloth diapers before, but takes time to clean it. would be nice though as it is eco friendly and saves money. visiting from happiness is...

    1. Thanks Mel, I'm trying to search online about Luv diapers...If its available in the nearest store I'll try those too. Thank you!

  3. I'm dropping back from mommy moments sis. have a great week!

  4. Very cute baby :) Thanks for the visit. Have a great day!

  5. Hi! Currently, we are using MamyPoko (the one packed in yellow because the blue one is even more expensive than Pampers). Alternately, we also use Drypers Wee Dry (around Php11-Php13/diaper). Both are super absorbent and doesn't produce a foul smell once soaked with the baby's wiwi. :)

    1. My friend told me about MamyPoko and said it is more expensive that's why i didn't bother myself to check them. Thanks for the info :)I'l look for the yellow one instead:)

  6. I always used Huggies naturals. Pampers left a mark of dye on my daughter's skin sometimes so I didn't like those. The Huggies natural are supposedly better for their skin and the environment. :)