Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ivy Around the Circle

The Beta Sigma Fraternity UPHSL Chapter
early this afternoon members of the Beta Sigma Fraternity gathered to talked for this night's event, 35th Anniversary to be held at our place...

Nothing is actually unusual, we are surrounded by frat men thus to hang out with them is like part of our daily routine. They've became our "neighbors" in a sense they're always around us. Everyday we talked to them, laugh with them, hang-out with them because we are part of them.

Some tend to call Ivy a Betan Baby although there is no such thing as that. Having a Betan father and mother (even grandfather and Uncles,yes we are all members of Beta Sigma Fraternity) will not make Ivy a Betan in an instant, and I am praying she will never be one of us. Joining a fraternity will neither make you less or will complete you a person. I hope I can make her believe that joining a fraternity has nothing to do with her life, and how can i possibly explain to her when we are all members. 

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