Friday, March 09, 2012

Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop

This is actually my first time to join a blog hop :) Will visit everyone on the list and will follow everyone who will follow this site:) By following I mean to visit and follow every future publish post because I LOVE BLOG HOPPING!!! See you!


  1. Hi, the title of your blog caught my eye on the blog hop and I had to check it out. I love the idea that there really are no ordinary days, we need to celebrate them all

    Dixie Goode

    1. Hi :) thanks for the visit, I'm visiting your blog too and found some interesting photographs, I bet your a nature lover:)The world is still beautiful!

  2. got you back from

    thanks for the follow! (sam havesippy)

  3. Stopping by from voiceBoks and found a great hop :) Love your blog and Ivy is very beautiful!