Monday, March 05, 2012

Preparing a Life beyond Bottle-feeding (Not-so-over-yet!)

Disclaimer: The author did not receive any compensation or cash payment in writing this post; the author does not mean to persuade readers and has no intention to promote either. This is an honest opinion. 

We are not ready for table manners yet--introducing solid foods to babies of Ivy's age only mean realizing three things: 

  • Being messy is wonderful! 
  • A messy baby is a pretty baby! and  
  • Mess is FUN! (only until its time to clean sticky fingers! and faces! and hair, too!)
We'll later find a room to introduce her TABLE MANNERS--no pressures!

In less than 30-days time we introduced Ivy to 6 different kind of solid foods NOT following the three-day-waiting-rule before introducing one food after another. The waiting rule is a must, actually, to monitor baby for allergic reactions. a

1. Instant Cereal (Cerelac/Wheat and Soya) 

We already switched to 'stage 2' instant cereal, one with thicker texture and  even tastier. If stage 1 has helped Ivy to adjust easily from milk to solids, stage 2 Cerelac will help her getting ready to different tastes--because there are a lot that awaits aside from the taste of a milk.
One thing to remember? Never offer baby cereals when she is full :) A cereal is not a dessert

2. Marie Time Biscuit
The poem below will do the talking why Marie biscuits are typically labeled as baby food :)

The Ubiquitous Marie 

(linked to full version of the poem)

On looking back I find I’ve known
The MARIE biscuit all my life.
It has not changed, while I have grown
Through childhood days to plain housewife.
Through all the years it has retained

It’s simple flavour, mildly sweet, 
While it’s texture has remained
To make a biscuit good to eat.

For babies and toothless old men,
MARIES will do equally well
Given one, two or even ten,
Their smiles seem to say “Gee that’s swell”.

So, dear delectable MARIE
Please continue to refresh us
While at home or on safari,
MARIE snacks are quite delicious

As biscuits come and cookies go,
The MARIE stays on each one’s list
When served as snacks salivas flow,
And Junior holds one in his fist.

What makes MARIE so appealing?
Is its crisp and mild, sweet taste
Which creates that more-ish feeling
So, with MARIE there’s just no waste.

3. Oranges! 
4. Bananas! Banana! (click title to be redirected to post about banana)
5. Lugaw (Rice porridge/congee) 
Lugaw is also one of the typical baby food (as far as most of the Filipinos I know is concerned) being soft and very easy to digest. Aside from giving her instant cereal every morning, I guess preparing her a spoonful or two of lugaw every day should already be a part of my daily routine--an ideal way to prepare her for a family diet.. hmmm... from a plain lugaw--thicker lugaw with strips of meat and veggies--to soft cooked rice! that sounds IDEAL!
6. Fresh Mango
An introduction to a sweeter taste :) 

Ivy is a seven-month old baby and we got tons of MOVING UP's and INTRO's to do!
NO PRESSURE! we will take one step a time! Slooowly!

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