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Our version of "Pampers Play Play Everyday"

Disclaimer: The author did not receive any compensation or cash payment in writing this post; the author does not mean to persuade readers and has no intention to promote either. This is an honest opinion.

I am Inspired by the 'Pampers Play Play Everyday' Activity guide wherein Pampers demonstrated a series of activities for babies aging 9 months to 18 months making use of pillows and other stuffs you can actually found inside your home.

The DVD has 10 Episodes. We got a copy of it free from Pampers Active we purchased months ago. The playtime course focuses on activities that could help baby's development and movement skills--coordination, balance, control, motor planning and more.

Episode 1: Baby Ball Kicks aimed to develop unilateral coordination and torso control
Episode 2: Hotdog Ride aimed to develop dynamic balance and baby's ability to stay calm
Episode 3: Sausage Roll aimed to develop motor planning, child's ability to envision an activity and see possible body movement as well as bilateral coordination
Episode 4: Choo Choo Train aimed to develop the core muscle control as well as the upper and lower body coordination
Episode 5: Baby Ball Toss is also for motor planning and body awareness so baby could understand how his body works.
Episode 6: Choo Choo Train
Episode 7: Baby Mat Mountain aimed to develop dynamic balance
Episode 8: Mountain Climb
Episode 9: Round N' Round Ride aimed to develope baby's ability to hold a mental image or object s or people knowing that they are still present even when out of sight.
Episode 10: Baby Tunnels for spatial awareness and depth perception

Since baby is way too young for the activities in the video, I  have to make my own version.

I created a 'pillow mountains',  two pillows high arranged in a way that it  will encircle Ivy  enough  to protect her...Our mattress then became her giant gym.

Ivy enjoy pulling herself up seeking support from the pillows around her, struggling hard to cross over the other side especially when she can see interesting objects she can play with, and at times we ended up to hiding-seeking-and-chasing game :)

Our humble room is filled with giggles and laughter every time.

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  2. Disclaimer: We are not paid nor compensated by Pampers. Note the word "inspired by" :)
  3.  Enjoy!
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  1. Oh my goodness is she a cutie!! And, such a happy little baby! Enjoy! I used pillows with my kids in a variety of ways after an occupational therapist suggested it to help our first child with some sensory issues. It's a great way to play and calm down a child and it's just plain fun!! Thanks for sharing! I'm so glad I found you on voiceBoks! I'm now happily following and am looking forward to reading more about your adorable baby!

    1. Thank you very much Kathy! I am overwhelmed by you comment about my daughter, makes me proud that someone appreciates our activity. My daughter indeed love the pillow game:) and i had no idea it can calm down a child. Kisses to your child :)

      Thank you for the follow. I'll visit your blog and will follow back. Looking forward to know you and your post:)

      God Bless