Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Getting ready with the hospital bags

All my bags are packed I'm ready to go... oopps! I'm not leaving on a jet plane of course! I am rather getting ready for my baby's arrival...

We are obviously on our final stretch of this 9-month journey. We only have few weeks remaining or days even. Since July became a month of panic for all of us out here (not that worst, really), Hospital bags and baby stuffs were all packed 2 months prior to EDD. Everything is prepared, hopefully we're not missing a thing, so we don't need to rush around during the TRUE labor. :)

This morning I had my follow-up visit to the OB. Since its a one-hour travel away from home, we brought everything with us just in case :) but well, we're (accompanied by 'te Elnor and Mama) home. The OB had set another three weeks of waiting, things are going just as smoothly as prayed for.

This time I'm 2cm dilated but I no longer worry like before. The doctor said the baby will be fine if delivered soon. I have to continue taking multivitamins and ferrous sulfate for my baby to grow (my baby is as big as 7month of an average pregnant woman) but I'm freed of tocolytic meds.  Thanks God.    

I continue to pray for my baby's good health :)

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