Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Bed Rest

 If there is one thing I realized with this experience, that would be not to ignore as well as not to take the pains and discomforts for granted because there might be wrong or worst it can actually harm your baby.

I'm trying to stay positive and trying to trust my OB for my baby's safety despite the fact that I see no assurance that my baby and I could extend to the 34th week of our journey.

Here's the story...

I was actually trying to ignore the pain for almost a week because I don't want to become a burden to everyone around me. It's not really that painful but it was uncomfortable. It's just like having a toothache in which I can always disregard by sleeping or a "mind over matter" strategy--to just ignore, ignore, then ignore again.

Then, owing to my partner's advice, I was convinced to consult the expert. I went to my OB's clinic on June 1 and found out that I'm already on a pre-term labor :( So there I was, I found myself on a complete bedrest with no bathroom privilege. I had to undergo steroid therapy just in case tocolytic meds wont work,  it could at the very least make my baby safer since by this time her respiratory system is not yet fully develop.

Little by little, reality sinks in. It could be worst if I didn't listen to him. I may carry the pain but my baby might not... I'll be more careful next time.

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