Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Will you be my Godparents?

A special request to the following to become our baby's godparents:

 Sheena dela Peña
Ellyn Villanueva
 Danielle Vanessa Ereñeta Arisola
Shannah Laminero
Aicee Alvarez
Roa Fuentespina
Christine Cogolio Feraren
Ma. Rowena Novillos
Ronald Esquillo
 Arnaldo Bangalisan
Thomas Albacete
Tets Camingawan
Dominic Pecadizo
Anthony Linsasagin

I'm little now, but I want to grow and be strong...
I want to do great things and make a difference in someone's life...
I want to live for the moment and enjoy the precious things that happen in the everyday and not take them for granted...
I want to walk along the paths that had never been walked and discover the beauty hidden there...
I want to be still and quiet and know that even though I am alone, I am not lonely...
I want to see the world and the majesty that lies therein...
I want to share my thoughts and dreams without being afraid of ridicule...
I want to be special...
I want to be loved and cherished for who I am...
I'm little now, but I will grow, and I want you there with me...

I indeed need some extra hands to help me learn and grow. 
I think that yours would be the best.
'cause Mommy and Daddy told me so.

Will you be my Godparents?

(note: I got the text from a pre-made online card, not my own words)

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