Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas is still in the air

Shakey's waiting area:)
Today we spent our afternoon among the crowds! two days past Christmas yet its spirit lingers... the good thing about this season? everyone became kid at heart! everyone wear happy faces! isn't it nice to stroll and see those smiles!
can't wait for our table! poor little girl..good thing mama had her blankie
see this face? doomed to boredom!

and finally! the long wait was over! 
lunch time for all of us except for ivy...
a perfect appetizer :) that smile!
Burp! trays and plates were all empty!
Stop over at OshKosh Shop! and Thanks Ninong Ken for the jumper...
a little more walk!
tired?!? having some good time at the corner
giggle and giggle completed our day!
hey! thanks Ninong ken and Ninong Pj for the mobile, mosquito net, and my teether:) 
a little more talk with Dad! A little more of that laughter before going to sleep
our little girl:) "bungisngis"
ok Dad.. it's not funny anymore:)

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