Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A day with Kuya Biboy @ Binan

Today we are supposed to pay Ninang Aicee some good visit:) but Kuya Biboy came... not bad a all!
Kuya Biboy bought you a christmas gift out of the money he got during christmas day:) that's love! sharing is one of the perfect ways to show how important a person is to you! Thanks Kuya
Kuya Biboy inviting us to go for a walk at the mall :)
ready to go! having some moment of fun before going out
lunch date at savory!
where's my food? hey! I want my food... 
Kuya bi' I still want my milk for a drink :) 
home! time to play!!!
Hey Kuya!!! we are supposed to play together, aren't we?
More fun!!!
Kuya pretends he hears and sees nothing!
ok baby! that headband is not really yours! its for ate angelina:)
time check! round ten in the evening.. Kuya has to go back to Cavite:) thanks Kuya biboy making this day extra special

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