Thursday, June 02, 2011

Saying goodbye to them...

The top ten list I used to get pleasure from...
  1. A comfortable couch and a hot Caramel Macchiato with friends at our favourite Coffee shop
  2. Cold buckets and towers of beer with small talks and loud laughs
  3. Smoke "yosi break" whenever the night became like a crap
  4. A way to say goodbye to a bad hair day—Spend a day at beauty salon to feel good again
  5. Scream or laugh out loud inside a movie house all by myself with a bag of M&M’s and a cup of mango shake (that's my personal choice)
  6. Night swimming with good friends and even a week at the beach which means sunset and Sunrise everyday
  7. Rant all I can at
  8. Road trips and food trips, still with good friends
  9. Greet my friends “Good Morning” via SMS everyday
  10. My beauty rituals—Whitening and slimming products among others
The top ten things above will just be part of my young and free life.

My good bye to all! *sniff* because I’m going to make a new and different list of top ten things to enjoy in no time *wink-wink*

Baby, I hope we could have all the time in this world to enjoy together. I know its impossible if I think of being a practical mom. I have to work or do things for our future. but then, i promise you I'll be spending quality moments with you.
I loveyou so much baby 

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