Monday, September 05, 2011

Update as of today

I am currently on a state of a writers block right now.  I have been sitting here staring blankly (in a way) and trying to type-delete-type words. I have been also logging-in myself as The Ordinary Traveler to  an Extraordinary One (and vice versa).  Another wordless post huh! *sigh* 

ok! I will try…I will write anything and everything that goes into my mind before Ivy start screaming.  
  • Hey! Don't be surprise! starting today I'll be calling her IVY not just because her father wanted  me to call her with that. I just hate it when people call her TSARLOT when it should be SHARLOT. Very annoying! let's just call her Ivy then. This blog will be all about Ivy.
  •  Ivy was officially one month old yesterday! yeha! how did she became one month already? I don't know... time just flew by. It has been weeks of 3:00 am diaper changes then breastfeeding down right but Ivy is a very good girl. We've been to a smooth sailing days (knock on woods!) Still, she has her fussy (not in routine) Sometimes she loves to be held, sometimes not. Sometimes she gets upset if I put her down, sometimes she hates it when I carry her. Sometimes loves breastfeeding, and yet there are times she pushes me away and cry for a formula instead..among others! that's it. There was never a dull moment, everyday is a new day for us.
  •  I am always running out of time, it is always not enough... uhm... can we extend it to 30hr instead of 24hr? hmmm yes! I was so busy watching her sleep most of the times and listening her hiccup! Seriously though, I now realized how long a 15-min could be (I can shower, eat, wash bottles, iron some clothes, prepare her bath, do some blog hop, edit pics, chat on facebook, check emails...:)  whew! busy! *grin*
  • People's usual comment lies on how dark Ivy is compare to me... hmmm..."OMG HE is so dark"... She is a she by the way... just laugh with them, it doesn't really matter to me. hey! The mere fact that I'm her mother? my baby will always be the prettiest girl in town... :D
  • My sleeping habits haven't change yet, thanks to Ivy for being an excellent nighttime sleeper (knock on woods again). Her usual routine: wake up at five of six, warm bath at seven, sleep... breastfeed... sleep...breastfeed....sleep... get wild at two in the afternoon to eight or nine in the evening with sleep-breastfeed-sleep in between, then falls fast asleep until three (time to change her diaper) the goes back to sleep again. Of course, there were days  of "cry-feed-cry-feed-cry" too. 
  • Recently, I realized how freaking loud this house could be when I thought it is reasonably quite. Try to consider the following that made little Ivy pull a face and leave dreamland in an instant: We have Creaky doors... Squeak!!!! then banging of doors all over the house... Boom!!! My nephew playing/screaming/dribbling balls/playing drums/ just outside our room... Waaahh!!! The TV shows! my cellphone! our neighbors! I know life is not always quite but I often times wanted to do anything to keep loud noises from disturbing Ivy’s sleep...but then again, it is very impossible. Ivy will get use to it... she should.
Anyway, what happen to my wordless Monday? hey! I wrote a lot. 

Time to post for the photos of the day... Ivy just woke up, I literally got seconds here...

A day without a bib is a big NO-NO, not for drooling but for milk being thrown up! I should count how may times you regurgitate in 24-h
the first girly pic
I know baby, You just hate mama for dressing you up that way... I hope you'll not give me that expression 15 years from now if I ask you to wear girly stuff!
This is you after bottle-fed
 Mama and Ivy Moments
time to burp-burp
Just love taking this while breastfeeding and at the same time watching TV
That's all for today :)


  1. wow. that smile of you shows how blessed mom you are!

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  2. indeed, sp blessed with my baby:) thanks for the visit...
    I'm following y0u back