Saturday, November 26, 2011

At Carmona

And so we finally got a chance to visit Carmona Townhomes! Good thing Papa has transactions at Carmona Municipality :)
Welcome home baby!
While Mama did some (of a little bit of) cleaning/sorting things out/trying to look for some clothes that could still fit me, baby was also busy playing alone at her stroller...and as much as we wanted to stay, we just can't! Aside from the fact that Papa had his papers done earlier than expected the  house is too messy and worst! dusty! whoah! it's like an extended Halloween party with all the spider webs and dust all over the place! Too bad!
getting bored and tired form talkn non-stop!
ok baby! i know it's your blog site...:D

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  1. How cute naman all the pictures but *the extra* on the last picture made me laugh talaga.. AHihi!

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.. See you!