Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kuya's Birthday celebration

Yesterday was a not-so-fun yet memorable day for Kuya...It was supposed a basketball themed birthday celebration. Everything was ready and everyone was excited. Mama woke up 'round two in the morning to finalize  photo slideshow of Kuya's first 365 days! and made this profile banner/desktop background...

went back to bed and woke up again at five to greet Kuya a happy happy birthday then started preparing for the party... 

Sounds and Slideshow...Checked!
Cupcakes and cakes....Checked!
Parlor Games/prizes/loot bags...Checked!
Foods... Checked!
all done! when... tadaaah!!!!! it was raining bigtime the whole day

The birthday boy and the rest of us hoped for a good weather still! unfortunately....this is us before the call buzzer sounds for the "game"
 but no one stopped us... we celebrated Kuya's visitors... no games... all fun! wonderful 265 days? it's worth a celebration no matter how bad the weather we transferred inside the playroom

Kuya enjoying his cake!

Maloco Team... Our Team!
Happy Birthday again Kuya Jhudiel...

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  1. Still Kuya enjoyed his "indoor" basketball party! And it's all worth it!

    Happy Birthday!