Friday, November 11, 2011

Thank you Lord for another wonderful day

Wonderful morning with a great light of sun, the birds singing, a fresh air, a smile from Ms. Ivy ... 

Lord, in the morning I start each day,
By taking a moment to bow and pray.
I start with thanks, and then give praise
For all your kind and loving ways.
Today if sunshine turns to rain,
If a dark cloud brings some pain,
I won’t doubt or hide in fear
For you, my God, are always near.
I will travel where you lead;
I will help my friends in need.
Where you send me I will go;
With your help I’ll learn and grow.
Hold my family in your hands,
As we follow your commands.
And I will keep you close in sight
Until I crawl in bed tonight.
(Prayer by Mary Fairchild)

"God will guide us to another wonderful day"  

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